Bands in 2019 @ the Sweetlake Rock 'n Roll Revival:


The Firebirds (UK)

Recognised as one of Europe’s top Rock n Roll bands The Firebirds are Jim Plummer, Dan Plummer and Jason Bryant three first class musicians/vocalists able to cover the complete spectrum of music from the 1950s and 1960s, Commercial, Rockabilly, Harmonised Doo Wop, Instrumentals, Ballads, and self-penned number’s.

To date, the band have released three singles and twelve albums. The last five recorded in their own studio and on their own label ‘Rockville Records’ include a Rock’n’Roll Special with Linda Gail Lewis the sister of ‘The Killer’ Jerry Lee, and two Doo Wop albums – the second featuring guest vocalist Den Hegarty of ‘Darts’ fame. All our merchandise and albums are available worldwide as well on digital platforms such as iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

In 2000 the band made their first trip to the USA playing venues in Memphis and Las Vegas, and in 2002 were honoured to be invited back to play at the Carl Perkins Civic Centre in Jackson, Tennessee. This huge event marked 50 years of the Sun record label and the 25th anniversary of the death of Elvis.

The Firebirds have played the Paris Music Festival and Corporate functions in Switzerland, Italy and Denmark.   At home, the Corporate events, amongst others, saw the band entertaining guests for the Priory Group, the David Lloyd Leisure Company and the Royal College of GP’s Annual Ball. 


The Bigtown Bandits

Tht Bigtown Bandits are a seven-piece big band from "motorcity" Stuttgart which has entirely devoted itself to the vintage sounds of the 1940s, 50s and 60s. The Bigtowners have been heavily influenced by the music of artists such as Wynonie Harris, Little Richard or Nick Curran – thus, the group's repertoire ranges from Jump Blues and Roots-Rock'n'Roll to early Soul and brass-imbued Swing.
Despite their "old school" character, the BANDITS' tunes never sound too old-fashioned but fresh due to some hard-rockin' guitars and powerful lead vocals. The combo consists of some highly talented virtuosos from the circles of Stuttgart's State University of Music who show off their skills with unrestrained enthusiasm when performing live. The band's fabulous horn section and pulsating piano, its polyphonic vocals and slappin' upright bass has so far made even the most reluctant crowd jive!
The classy outer appearance of THE BIGTOWN BANDITS corresponds with their vintage musical oeuvre: Gabardine, ties, hats and suspenders evoke that distinctive hepcat extravaganza of Chicago's past times and make these fellows look real genteel

Old Chevy (Br)

Old Chevy is a vintage rock and roll band from Campinas, São Paulo, Brazi. The band has a specific sound and style that does not really fit a Rockabilly band. Their influences come from many styles from the beginning of the rock & roll era such as blues, jazz, soul and of course rockabilly. But also ‘60’s pop and rock. They play around 13 times a year on a number of continents on our planet. They do not hesitate to play covers in their own way, which leads to surprising results.

The men from Brazil have many examples like Stray Cats, Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Brian Setzer Orchestra, Ray Charles, Elvis Presley, ZZ Top, Gene Kruppa, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Ritchie Valens, Bernie Dresel, Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent. That immediately shows the diversity of the band.


The Bugalettes

The Bugalettes are eager to let Zoetermeer rock and roll with the singers, Lil ’Esther van der Meer, Deanne Dap (also known as LaVerne) and Sammy Verhoeve. The ladies, dressed in very charming out-fits, are assisted by Ronald Tilgenkamp on the slapp- bass (Dry Riverbed Trio, Smokin '45's), Martin van der Moer on guitar and Ben van Anrooy (including 44 Shakedown and The Hot Rhythm Ramblers) on the drums. This link will take you back to your mother's childhood or if you are a young reader to your grandmother's; it all looks beautiful. The Bugallettes bring rock 'n roll and especially covers of the Miller Sisters and the Davis Sisters, not naughty ladies but wonderfully harmonious!
It is clear that rock 'n roll / rockabilly is going through a revival! The Bugalettes a wonderful band that we will encounter more often at festivals, not necessarily on Rhythm Riots.


The Barnstompers

The authentic music of the Barnstompers is based on the late 40s , 50’s traditional American Country-Boogie, Western-Swing, Honky Tonk and Rockabilly. Due to their vast repertoire the Barnstompers is a very versatile band with a original choice of songs. A combination of fine musicianship, danceable rhythm and strong vocals make them quite an exciting band. The band enjoys popularity both at home in the Netherlands and abroad. Shows in Belgium, Germany, England, France, Italy, Norway, Spain, Wales, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, Finland, Austria, Greece, Croatia, Denmark and a couple of successful Californian tours are witness to the fact that they are a much requested band in many parts of the world. Alongside the regular Barnstompers shows they did multiple successful tours and one offs with rockabilly legends of the 50s, including Sid King & Brother Billy, Sonny Fisher, Joe Clay, Lew Williams and Rudy Grayzell. The Barnstompers also back up contemporary singers in the Rockabilly/Country field, such as Charlie Thompson, Ronnie Hayward and Junior Marvel..



The band was founded in 2007. Rockadile plays authentic Rock & Roll / Rockabilly music with an occasional trip to Country. The band members know how to get the audience moving with enthusiasm, virtuoso singing, stirring double bass and drums

For several years they have been with great success at various Rock & Roll festivals, including Rock & Roll Street Terschelling, Hotrodded Bullfrog and Rock 'n Roll Street Akersloot.

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Go-Train Big Boys
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Phil Haley & his Comments (UK)

Prettig Geregeld
Rhinestone Brothers
Rockin' The Joint (UK)
The Backseat Boppers (B)
The Boogie Dogs
The Buddy Presley Band (UK)

That Crazy Beat
The Downtown Daddyo's (UK)
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The Mee Kats (UK)
The Real Rockers
The Royal Hounds (USA)
The Tailshakers
The Wieners
Torello's Jive Bugs

Unkool Hillbillies