Rock 'n Roll Dansers...

The Sweetlake Rock 'n Roll Revival is organized by the local Rock 'n Roll dance-group "Dance to the 60's", and of course you see a lot of dancers from this dance group and there is also a Show group giving the Dance demonstrations.
The great thing about this day is that there are also many dancers from friends & dance schools from other parts of the country and not only Rock 'n Rollers but also Rockabilly's and Lindy Hop dancers.

Rock n roll dans show leraren boogie dansen leren dance teach school

Dance to the 60's:

The Rock and roll dance school of Zuid-Holland for Rock 'n Roll dance lessons and dance shows ... well known among others through a several television programs in the Netherlands This dance club will be present this day with enthusiastic dance couples in style; Petticoats, Greasers, Gladys Grace Hairstyles and Pointed Shoes ....

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Rock 'n Roll Dans foto's van voorgaande jaren: